well I’m not sure what to make of this. It’ll be the midwife, I’m sure. Last night I checked my phone, and found three text messages – the middle one said “Don’t forget your hospital appointment next week!” and asked me if I couldn’t make it, to let them know. Well, that’s all well and good, but actually, it’d have been nice to know! Anyway, that’s what I’m assuming it is.

Typically though, it plays havoc with your brain not knowing what it is, and knowing you can’t phone until 8.30 this morning to find out. So I didn’t have the best nights sleep last night, dreaming of things I don’t have (probably).

Next week is my 8 week mark, so yes, the midwife makes perfect sense. I bet I get one of those scans where… y’know. Not the usual kind you’d think about.. apparently it’s not too uncomfortable.

This should also mean I’ll know when my 12 week scan is, right before we head off on holiday. Just in time to let everyone know….