I’m sad. A year or two ago I bought H a couple of red and blue spotty dresses from H&M. She’s too tall for them now. This makes me sad. This morning was so warm we knew it would be a dress day, and I only had one size 4-6 in the wardrobe which was suitable (the rest have long sleeves and today really was not a long sleeves day).

They’ll be fine with leggings but even those need replacing. Sigh. This is the problem with a tall girl!

So off I scooted to H&M for lunch, picked up three dresses for under £8, a Hello Kitty beanie hat with ears (I still don’t like HK but H does) and a hairband which stays on her head – all for a bargain £11 or so.

H as miffy

But the dresses! The lovely dresses! Here she is in March 2012 dressed as Miffy for World Book Day (for children) at nursery when the dress was new. Sob.

Because H&M rule, I picked up two more spotty dresses. Seriously, she will thank me for all these cool clothes when she grows up, she’s fared much better than I did being a seventies child (although my anorak and jeans aren’t too bad really. I like my sister’s plain anorak though!!)

seventies style