I am working out how my body works while pregnant – ie, don’t eat too much before you go to sleep, otherwise you’ll feel like there’s food right up to your neck and you wont sleep until it’s digested. I definitely can’t eat dark chocolate – it brought on a headache when I tried yesterday, so that’s my christmas present to one side for now – hopefully to be revisited at some point in the future. I’ve not tried pizza since New years, although haven’t felt the urge. The plus side of this is I’ve not been sick for a few days now.

However, and even though I went to hospital on Friday, and saw my little bean there with a strong heartbeat, this morning I can’t feel that ache in my boobs, that slight twinge when I lie on my side. Now, whether this is due to a full stomach, I don’t know. I just hope I’m not setting myself up for a repeat of last time. Part of me wishes I’d gone for the scan when I had the worry… I mean, anything could have happened from Friday until now.

But then I get a sickly feeling, and somehow it feels fine. If I feel sick, there’s still something working in there somewhere. One more month and I’ll be at 12 weeks – and it’s going to feel like the longest month in the world. Today is back to work day, so lets see how that one goes, shall we.

Mind, things aren’t helped, as we’ve had snow overnight. Snow. Honestly. Blimey. We didn’t get it until March/April last year. Stressful drive, there.