Well I certainly felt that way, and I don’t think I’m that hippy.

We had a walk to Banstead Woods – I’ve found that an hour long walk in fresh air on a weekend is really helping my back, it’s hurting less and less and I’m able to deal with more things. This is all good.

So off we went for a quick walk – Shaun is studying and we needed a break, plus I wanted to show off our lovely clean car I’d spent most of this morning dusting and vacuuming.

We get to the part of the wood where there’s bluebells. H asks “can I pick one?” – to which request is denied.

She goes ahead and picks one.

I was a bit cross about that; she asked but had every intention; so I pointed out how if everyone who went picked one then nobody would be able to enjoy the bluebells and that would be really sad.

I then demanded she apologised to the bluebell.

“Sorry bluebell, for picking you” she said, while waving it around by the stalk, as it slowly broke.

“I love you bluebell”

A minute later she’d dropped it, so went to pick another. Even the “Don’t do that please, I’m going to count to three, please come back” routine worked, back she came with another one. This one made it home though, but still.

Maybe I’m not that hippy really, and it’s just common sense.