This Saturday. I will be there. Meeting up with the very marvellous Sonya Cisco and Lynn Fancy so I’m not on my own, though still quaking in my boots/trainers as I do with these things.

I have no idea which sessions I’m going to – every time I think I must think about it, I think about other things and get distracted. After the previous two conferences and how I kicked myself at a lack of preparation beforehand, you’d think I’d learned my lesson, but no.

Anyway, the other stuff. Mumsnet was the first network I joined, through all three pregnancies. It was a valuable support network when times were bad – and every time something bad has happened I’ve changed my name and kept going – a bit like blogging really, I get a new name every time something doesn’t fit anywhere else.

I didn’t go last year due to being scared. I’m going this year and yet again I’m scared. I might have blogged for as long as I can remember (and I will remind you of this) but that doesn’t mean I know it all.  I get a lot from all these conferences, and this will be my fourth in a year. Next year so far I’ve only got a ticket for BritMums.

What will I learn? I’ve no idea. Hopefully I’ll come away inspired (I have done on every other conference so far, so I’m fairly positive on this one). I know what I’d like my blogs to look like, I have the theme I like between them all right now (cassettes/recording/stuff) and it’s just going somewhere to help make those thoughts a reality somehow. In fact, the one thing Mumsnet can’t do is give me a few extra hours in the day to do this.

Oh, and it’s 9am to 7pm. That’s longer than a day in the office – and I’ll probably learn a lot more (no disrespect work, I just don’t learn much on a day to day basis).

I’m not complaining – I’m just scared, okay?

So if you happen to meet me and get handed a really cool business card shaped like a cassette, I’m not really cool, I just have really cool business cards, okay? Good good, got that straight there then. If there’s any confidence on offer I’ll be grabbing that too. Oh yes. See you there.

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