“Mummy, I feel a little bit poorly”

I’ll ask her where, it’s always her teeth – only her front ones though.

“Mummy, please can you have a look and see if it’s poorly?”

So I ask her to open her mouth, and have a look inside. “Ah yes, I see the poorly. I know what will fix it, a cuddle and a kiss. There. Do you feel better now?”

“Mummy, I feel much better now” she’ll reply.

I wish it was her last set of molars coming through giving her problems (not that I’m wishing pain on her, I just wish they’d hurry up), but I suspect it’s just an excuse for a cuddle. Not that I object to that. Last night I went into her room, thinking she had hiccups – ends up it was actually the shower dripping every 30 seconds or so into the still-full-bath. I got my cuddle, anyway. I miss her when she’s sleeping, sometimes.