My mum’s here at the moment. It’s been great – again, having someone to talk to is great (no offence H, but there’s only so long I can pretend you’re talking back to me, when we speak to each other). Having another person around through the day is great (no offence H, you’re a person, but just one who communicates through squeaks and squeals). I love it! My sister last week, and my mum this week. We’ve no other visitors due until Shaun’s sister and boyfriend arrive in a week and a bit from Melbourne, Australia, which will be nice!

Anyway, odd things have been happening. Dare I say it, I think a routine may be forming. This new formula for nights is settling her really quickly, and means we’re getting longer night sleeps and less wind, yet she still wakes at 7am on the dot, knowing a new day to play is here. She’s been automatically doing really long sleeps in the middle of the day, which is great – we’re just working on naps in the morning and afternoon (Gina would be cross at me, yet possibly proud, but we’ve ditched her and switched to The Baby Sleep Book: How to Help Your Baby to Sleep and Have a Restful Night, which is giving us better ideas. Thanks Gina, for the routines, but you’re just too harsh.)

Anyway, my little munchkin is currently playing away in her chair, so I’d better give her some attention. She’s spent the night with nana, so that me and Shaun could have a decent nights sleep (and oh, we did). Let’s hope this sleep lark holds up. She’s weighing 11.11 now… getting close to a stone! Aww.