We’ve seen a lot of each other lately, a good week and a half – and I’m getting a bit bored of you. I want to sleep. My mind knows I want to sleep but my body is saying otherwise, a dry cough which refuses to budge preventing it from happening.

Last night was probably the worst – sleep came at around 1am, and I woke again at 3, coughing until the alarm went off at 6.30, time for work again. Coughing. It’s stupid. Coughing should be blockable. Stoppable.

Codeine Linctus is gone. No effect at all. Pholcodeine Linctus also gone. Zilch. Covonia Night Time wasn’t much good either. Menthol on the feet? Done. Nothing, just hot feet. So instead I’m up, awake, typing. Again.

I can barely stand for falling over, my body wants to sleep, my head won’t let me. I’m irritated by myself and I don’t know what to do next. I’ve tried two pillows, I’ve tried five. Nothing works.

Last night I knocked myself out with whiskey to get that elusive two hours. I couldn’t drink more as I had to drive in the morning; taking H to nursery. Do I go to the doctors tomorrow and see what they think? I just want some sleep. It’s been over a week now and it’s silly. I’m sure I must be sleeping in between coughs, but when it’s all the time that’s not much sleep – and the caffeine to stay awake can’t be much help either.

This all happened in the wrong order too. I’m meant to get this cough and lose my voice – not lose my voice and then get a cough. It never happens this way usually. Is it possible to sleep sitting up? Something must be possible.

Six hours until the alarm goes off, already. I went to bed at 10… this is rubbish. If anyone has any dry cough remedies please let me know. I’ll try anything to get some sleep.