Well, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was amazing – she slept through from 11.30pm until 5.30am. Shaun woke up and fed and changed her, and didn’t wake me up!! So I got a great nights sleep.

To make up for this, I took the early morning shift. Which was 4.30. It took an hour and a half to get her back to bed (ie 6am), for her to then promptly wake up at 7am. Bah! I spoke too soon, didn’t I?

Ho had her first set of jabs this week, which she coped with as well as a baby having two needles jabbed into her thigh can – as in, a look of complete shock when she realised and a piercing scream, but by then it was over. Going on my reactions to having needles jabbed in my arm, I can completely sympathise with her (well, I would anyway), and in fact burst into tears the first time in the doctors. Aww.

I had my eight week check at the doctors, which was pretty straightforward, and now I’m hoping we don’t have to go back for at least a couple of weeks, it’s felt like a second home this last week… (well, okay, we went three times)

Yesterday was another trip to Sutton to meet up with everyone, this time Caffe Nero – which has decent baby changing facilities. Actually, it’s kind of inspired me to make a log of places, and call it “where to change your baby around here” or something – mainly because our local pub offered us a table in the dining area, due to lack of anything in the disabled loo. Shame, really, as it’s a good pub, and has lots of space, and is very child-friendly. Apart from the loos.

In other news, we got our Lego Advent Calendar (the pirates one). Suitable for age 3 upwards. Ha! H’s going to have to wait a few years before she gets one of her own. Oh? You didn’t think it was for her, did you…?