I decided to keep it simple for our first one. Generally our diet is something carb-y, some vegetables of a certain flavour, and a touch of protein too.

This isn’t helped by me being vegetarian, Shaun not, and H just eats meat if it’s cooked for her (she can make her own mind up when she’s old enough). Shaun is also currently following a Gluten Free diet – so we’re feeling a bit limited at the moment.

So we opted for some curried vegetables (made with semi-skimmed milk and curry powder), with Quorn chunks and a tin of chick peas with Quinoa.

It might not sound very glam, but it was tasty and it being H’s first taste of Quinoa, she guzzled it down – so I think that one’s a winner.

Tonight I’ve got some broccoli and cauliflower all cooked ready for a friendly cheese sauce, and I’m not sure what to add.

Best of all, after the meal, my blood sugar readings remained really low. Win!