A Day. A Thursday.

4.30am, wakes up, crying. We cry inside too, wishing she’d sleep through… this is usually more bearable if there’s no wakeups prior to this.
6.30am, alarm goes off. Head to shower to wash hair/get showered. Shaun stays in bed for a little longer.
6.45am, Shaun goes in shower, I get dressed.
6.55am, dressed, I wake up H. Get her changed and dressed.
7.05am, come downstairs, bottles for the night hopefully being sterilised, toast hopefully toasting in the toaster, and bag packed for nursery (the night before, I’m not daft) – which will be two changes of clothes, wipes and two bottles with 4oz of my milk in them. Put bottles in cooler containers. Put into bag, get H.
7.15am, get into car, realise we’ve not brushed our teeth. Brush teeth.
7.20am, get into car again, head off to nursery.
7.30am, drop off H for breakfast, wish I’d had breakfast.
8.15am, arrive in Wandsworth, drop off Shaun near the station, head into work.
1.30pm, have lunch. Feel too scared to pump at work. Save it for later. (thankfully not a problem)
4.15pm, my day is up, time to go home. If I time it well enough I can get through the worst of the traffic, if I time it badly, I’m in traffic for over an hour.
5.30pm, pick up H from nursery after a nightmare drive home. She doesn’t mind one bit. Cries when she sees me though.
6pm, start cooking evening meal
6.30pm, sit down for evening meal, Shaun comes home.
7pm, bathtime with daddy. This is where the “me” time starts, although cleaning up after dinner takes a bit of time.
7.30pm, sit down and rest.
7.35pm, due to fear of pumping at work, then spend the next hour pumping at home for the next time at nursery.
8.45pm, I deserve a play on Super Mario Galaxy 2
10.30pm, shattered and fully pumped, I’m off to bed.
10.45pm, deep sleep
11pm, woken from deep sleep, thinking it’s about 3am, as H is crying. I cry inside.

Repeat to fade…