Firstly, to make it clear, I’m not in any way upset by it at all – it’s just how life is, and I’m fine and accepting of it.

H’s friend had his birthday today, and had a party. All week H has asked about his party, and this could partly be due to the amount of friends she has who have parties of some description (they have them at nursery for loads of occasions), it’s no biggie. This morning a friend sent a message and mentioned there was a party today (which we haven’t been invited to) – which is fine.

So later this evening H asked again, if it was his party this weekend. I’m a rubbish liar so I told the truth which was probably a stupid thing to do, and told her she hadn’t been invited. So then she asked why.

I have no answer to that, there is no answer. We changed the subject. I know her mind, and I know this is something which will keep coming back at various intervals. I can only hope the Justin Fletcher Joke Book we received to review is a good distraction and that today wont come back in question form too often.

I guess the answer is “sometimes you can’t invite lots of people” – but why oh why did I tell her what I did? It’s my own stupid fault.

Another child at nursery has had a party which she’s not invited to, but they’re so much better at making the non-invited kids not realise. I could probably learn a few lessons from them.

Actually, I definitely could.