Having a two and a half year old who can’t keep quiet, and a birthday is quite fun.

Yesterday afternoon we talked about it being my birthday today, and I was told “Mummy, you cannot close your eyes until tomorrow.” a very definite full stop on the end of that sentence – like, how dare I even consider it?

This morning was just as good – she woke at 7 and came into our room to wake us up. Shaun reminded her what day it is, where I was greeted with a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY! We’ve got you a DVD, it’s The Sound Of Music!” (it was a book, I have it on DVD three times)

We were both under strict instruction to let her blow out the candles on my cake, as “Mummy needs help” (well…) – and to which she proudly declared “I did it!” so that’s good.

Anyway, it’s been a great birthday, a nice relaxing one, two lovely bunches of flowers and my lovely Sound Of Music book which I’m trying not to gush about too much (it is ace), what more could I ask for?