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H is changing. The world which she lives in right now is one she understands. She no longer needs us to read what to do with things, she works it out for herself. It’s an equally proud yet sad moment as the last part of her baby-like side goes for good.

One of the last bits of that ‘baby’ time is Cbeebies. We’re hanging on for dear life for the last few programmes – Topsy & Tim (of course), Abney and Teal and Old Jack’s Boat. Occasionally there’s a 64 Zoo Lane thrown in there for good measure, but that’s about it.

dick and dom lollibop

Something changed the other day, however. It changed in a good way too; Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom is becoming one of her new favourite programmes. Basically, around twenty minutes about someone who has made a difference*, and put together in a really interesting way. We’ve been recording them to watch later on (or the following day) and of course with it being Dick and Dom there’s going to be some daftness in there. She didn’t know what to make of them at Lollibop, but since then we’ve shown her some of our favourite bits (Shaun and I are big kids at heart), including of course as many ‘Bogies’ videos that we can get our hands on (handy when you want to make a point when your child is picking their nose) and she has grown to love them.

* We’ve been watching the Alan Turing one, plus some on catchup. They actually help me explain who someone is so much better than my memory would allow, which is handy.

So CBBC – the next step up in kids programmes, where to go next? We’ve tried Newsround and Blue Peter before, and I think she’s ready. It’s a different world out there she’s finding. She wants to learn.

She got Shaun’s phone and googled to find the weather….


she stole my iPad and Googled Lazy Town. It’s only a matter of time now before she’s updating our Facebook statuses and sending emails to random addresses in our books.