Occasionally I set myself these crazy tasks which never quite happen.

Occasionally I set myself crazy tasks which somehow work.

Today was one of those days. I bought a pumpkin yesterday, with the intention of carving it today – so asked H what she’d like.

Now, bearing in mind today was also the day we went to see Ben & Holly live in Wimbledon, a request to do Gaston wasn’t too unreasonable, even if he isn’t particularly a halloween-y character.

Part-finished Gaston

So we drew a face and some spots, then added two straws with orange plasticine on each end for his antennae. Later on we realised two things were missing – little round cheeks and of course his legs – so they were duly added.

Here’s the result…

Gaston Halloween - front

Gaston Halloween - rear

So yeah, I think I did pretty good there. I think.