It’s an odd feeling being talked about by your workmates, and you appear and they shut up and do that kind of verbal backpedalling thing that you’d do when you didn’t realise the person being talked about was about to come into the room.

All we did was create a little Musicals themed Spotify Playlist. It didn’t go down too well, though did stay on for an hour on the stereo until it was switched off abruptly. I quite like our little playlist, though I quite like musicals too (which helps). I’d share the playlist on here, but my work internet is ridiculous, Spotify is stupid and I am locked into an account which is currently based in the United States, so I can’t access it from home.

On the plus side, having a US based account means I can play all the Yo Gabba Gabba songs – but only at work. Then again I never listen to my music at work, so I’m never going to actually do that… you can’t win really.