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Ho Bloody Ho, that’s what I say. There was a rather unpleasant surprise in my soup tonight.

We’ve been using ready-made Soup lately. After swimming we need to eat quickly once we return home, meaning a meal takes five minutes to prepare rather than half an hour.

My soup had a lump of chicken in it. Pretty yucky for someone who hasn’t eaten meat for over 30 years, but another rolleye moment in one of those days. I took it out of my mouth and knew it wasn’t meant to be in there.

It was passed to Shaun to check. He confirmed chicken. I felt hungry. I feel even hungrier. I feel a horrid meaty taste in my mouth despite this.

So I did the passive-aggressive thing and took a photo, putting it on Instagram.

It’s been a bit of a rubbish vegetarian kind of day. Sainsburys had no meat-free sandwiches out this morning so I switched to M&S. They had a range out letting you know they’re donating to Shelter, so I spent a lot more than I usually would so they’d benefit. I read the packaging once I got to work. Shelter will get 10p from my £5.50 Sandwich and drink. That feels so wrong. On Payday I’m going to make a donation to Shelter which will equal a lot more than two M&S ‘feelgood’ food items.

So yes, I’m grumpy right now. It’s good they’re trying to make a difference but really, they could do better, surely? On the other hand, in doing such a low amount per item it’s made me put my hand in my pocket. Everyone wins don’t they? Hopefully Shelter will too.