Today is the first morning here we haven’t put the heating on. It’s cold! But it’s okay.

We’ve done loads as ever, rushing around like mad and getting to loads of new places. We also seem to have eaten a vast quantity of chips.

One big progression, we decided not to take the flexibath (which still gets a lot of use at home despite H being so tall) and she’s started taking showers! This may have involved a Moshi Monsters tattoo bribe or two….

We also managed to completely miss the army firing range right next to the site! Which I find kind of funny, how can you miss something like that?! It’s like someone letting off fireworks.

It is lovely and quiet and we’re getting sleep which is what we all need.

I’m also happy I bought some internet as it works in our caravan which it didn’t last tme (though was free and unlimited) – good job as my Everything Everywhere (to be rechristened not very much in most places) reception is rubbish.