Shaun has a work jolly in Brighton, the lucky thing. Seeing as in May 2011 I went to York for the night so he did everything, I felt it was only fair to not kick up a fuss and be pathetic, and instead say “oh, of COURSE I can cope!” when it comes to doing H’s routine on my own for a whole day.

We just don’t get away on our own, ever – let alone get away on our own with a family member or babysitter looking after H. We never go out. It’s fine, we’re very much accustomed to it and it isn’t a big deal – it’s just weird when something does happen.

If one of us has an evening out, we’ll get there after 8 so we can settle H and keep her bedtime routine – though since I’ve started doing Pilates classes I’ve missed my final goodnight with her.

So tomorrow we’ll have a mummy and daughter day together – swimming lessons in the morning and I’m making sure we have nothing planned in the afternoon so we can watch some DVDs or do some baking, do something that she wouldn’t have done at nursery (unless she wants to, of course). Thursday morning I’m dreading, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (while I have envy of Shaun having a lie-in in his posh hotel).

So yes, fingers crossed it’ll go well… I don’t have any wine.