well, I had a lunch today with others from work, and completely forgot I had less money than I had. D’oh! Brain! I thought I had twenty pounds in my wallet – ends up I had five. Luckily I did have enough money anyway…

I also managed to avoid anything awkward, ordered a pint of water, and the excuse I’m saving for Australia is going well. All in all it feels like quite a positive week.

I am now insisting each evening that Shaun talks to my stomach. I mean, the baby might not be able to hear yet, but if it can, then it’ll know daddy a bit better, wont it?

Five weeks today and we’re flying to Australia. So that means four weeks today I’ll have met my midwife. Can you tell I’m counting down every single day, one by one?

Still, at least when the midwife and scan is done, I’ll be a third of the way to the end. I can understand how people get bored with being pregnant – I mean, there’s not a huge amount you can do to make it go any faster, and it’s not like you can google the internet for spoilers. It comes when it comes.

The sunset tonight looks pretty cool.