well, that one was short lived. After being vaguely excited, and feeling somewhat smug, knowing something potentially good, but knowing nobody else could know, it all came splashing down spectacularly, with the return of the monthly cycle. Oh joy! Oh and hasn’t it made itself well known this month too, making sure I didn’t forget it wasn’t ready for me to have a baby just yet. Oh the curse, how I dislike you.

So the pregnancy testing kit remains unused, though I’ve since found out Poundland do them, so if I’m shopping on my own, I’ll pick one up. Or maybe a couple. At a pound, I think I can stretch to that.

In a sort of lucky coincidence for me, I’ve come down with the flu bug that’s going around at the moment, and have lost almost half a stone in weight! Which is good, with the overall weightloss plan, which really should be in place before getting on and having a baby. Anyway, since the last post I’ve stocked up on Folic Acid, and Iron tablets, knowing I’ll probably need both (definitely in the Folic Acid case).

So now I don’t feel smug, or excited, just a little deflated, but not downcast, it’s only the first time, after all. Hopefully this wont lead to more pressure in my head, as time goes on, and hopefully it wont be long before it all works, and we’re off the mark, waiting for the first three months to pass. What’s worse now is I just want to talk about it with someone, but you can’t really do that, can you? Anyway, everyone is going to say what you think they’re going to, and I’m not sure how helpful that is… at least once I’m pregnant and getting the questions everyone asks, and it’s all really unhelpful, it’ll be a little more positive (not that a “your time will happen, stick with it” type encouragement isn’t either!)