So. You are reading this so you may know a little about me. Then again, you may not. So I’ll let you know one little thing – I’ve worked where I work for over thirteen years now, for a group of record labels. Every week we’re offered tickets for gigs – as we have a lot of bands who play lots of gigs.

Generally I can never go as timings don’t work out at all, though now H has her big girl bed she’s staying in bed, settling and it’s like someone sprinkled some magic dust over her to make her do normal things like sleep – that and nursery is tiring her out anyway.

So – I’ve put my name down for some gigs! Considering I’d do several a week prior to H existing which then dropped to one a year, this is a MAJOR event for me – getting out again!

Even better, the first one is the end of this month – Dead Can Dance at the Albert Hall! I’m really quite excited about it – I saw them last in 2005 and took these fabulous photos (I love taking photos at gigs) – Lisa Gerrard is now a well-known composer, and Brendan Perry isn’t but together they make lovely sounds. Aaaaaahhhh.

Dead Can Dance 2005

I’m looking forward to seeing Lisa’s quirky little wave, a bit like the sign for ‘duck’ as she leaves the stage, but I’m looking forward to getting to the Albert Hall again – it’s been ages (possibly a Tindersticks gig years ago…)

So yes, something to look forward to – the next one is Cat Power at the Roundhouse which will be great as long as she’s on good form (which it sounds like she is right now) – I just wish I could go with Shaun, and get a babysitter in – maybe next year… those timings still aren’t quite right…