It’s been a busy few weeks, with holidays and a hectic social life to keep up with which quite frankly is affecting my blog time and I’m lagging behind in several things, Country Kids being one of them. We live in the city, but there’s still plenty of parks around – we’ve visited three these last two weeks.

So here’s a little roundup. After BlogFest last Saturday I HAD to get outside and enjoy some fresh air but not go too far. We decided on Beddington Park as it’s up the road and there’s a good cycle track. One thing I’ve noticed is how much H reminds me when cycling of my mum when she was learning to drive – she’s not looking at the path/road ahead and is watching everyone else instead… There’s a good track around the park so we went on foot while H cycled (then declared she was ‘too tired’ and wanted to walk) before heading to the play area for some much needed climbing. We bumped into friends there and ended up in the Pavilion Cafe (who have some lovely olive oil for sale there – I shall be going back).

What struck me the most was how Autumn really is here – the park is no longer green, it’s golden and brown, leaves everywhere. Everyone was out but it wasn’t the friendly kind of out you’d get doing some country rambling – people in London still minding their own business.

Beddington Park

Yesterday was an average kind of Saturday, nothing special other than I was T I R E D. The second of my nights out had passed, The Fall played at the Clapham Grand, the easiest gig I’ve got to and from in a long time – I was out for no more than two hours, and they weren’t on stage until 10. We decided we’d go for a late lunch in our local excellent pub The Sun, then headed through The Grove via the ducks and the waterfall to the play area, having a good try on everything before it got dark. H showed Shaun her new skills going down a fireman’s pole (kicking him in the face by accident) and there’s no stopping her now. She was once the little one in the playground and now she’s the confident older kid. She goes on the frames I was scared her being on and does it without a problem. She’s been shown how to slide down a pole at school by her TA and now does it with confidence in the park. She’s also tall enough to start herself off on the swings – something she couldn’t do last month, so I’m going to pretend all that eating last month was another growth spurt.

The Grove

After that we headed into Carshalton and popped into the wonderful Calladoodles shop, where I picked up birthday presents for mid-December as we’ve got two parties coming. They’ve got some Calladoodles own wrapping paper in there soon which sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous. I could spend TOO much money in there.

There was no time to head back to the park and it was too dark, so we promised H she could go to another park today (Sunday). After realising we can’t wait until the delivery on Tuesday, it was decided we’d head to Banstead and I’d nip into Waitrose while Shaun and H went to the park there (and I could claim my free coffee). By the time I’d met them she’d fallen off a few things and was getting angry but determined. By the time we left she was in tears of frustration at a climbing net on a frame which she can climb up but not confidently enough to do it without us hovering around her (it’s quite a big gap and she didn’t want to climb across it, just up it). We knew it was time to head home when the tears arrived, and besides, we had two films to watch for Movie Night.

Banstead Park

So we’ve been outside. We need to spend more time out there, but what we’ve done is fine for now.

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