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So, we were set a challenge for Easter a week or so ago with HarperCollins.

I am not one to miss a challenge – coming soon is a new series of books by Clara Vulliamy featuring Martha and the Bunny Brothers, with the first one being ‘I Heart School‘ set for release tomorrow (March 26th). They’re lovely bright colours and have a lovely smiley happiness about them – and it looks just like the kind of books H is growing into. We own ‘The Bear With Sticky Paws Won’t Go To Bed’ which we read a lot, so I’m looking forward to discovering more about Martha.

We were set a challenge to win a beautiful handcrafted felty bunny, and while I’m sure we don’t stand a chance due to this being a two and a half year old’s wonderful creativity, I’m still going to share as she did really well and really surprised me with a few things.

So, we decorated Martha!

Firstly, it was a sunny Wednesday, so we got the easel out in the back yard. A perfect day for painting. I stuck the picture up and left mini Picasso to paint it, suggesting she use different colours.

She however, was having none of it. It was red, or nothing.

Yep, completely red. There was no budging. I suggested green, blue, any colour, 
but every time it was red.
We let it dry for a few days, to revisit at the weekend, which happened to be today.
I don’t know if it makes me a bad mum, but I let her go it alone with the Pritt Stick, 
under close supervision, of course.

Then the messy bit. Martha was SO having a sparkly dress, and H was good enough to not choose red, and to go with yellow (I prefer to call it ‘golden’)

This bit impressed me the most. Shaun was outside giving the paving slabs a blast, so I missed her do this until she was doing the second eye, but she glued and stuck them on perfectly. 

Voila! One decorated Martha! Yes, she looks a bit red, and yes, she has random shapes stuck all over her, but other than a bit of help with the pritt stick and the glitter, this is all H’s work – and I’m SO impressed (even though she really should have used a different colour than red) – she stayed quite close to the lines on the painting, which I’ve never seen her do.
The only bit that made my heart sink a little was seeing her lazy eye in action. Roll on Tuesday.
Anyway, there’s a second picture. We got the fantastic Dora’s Easter Adventure preview copy, and H has been very preoccupied with getting some Boots at a Car Boot Sale, as well as a Map “just like Dora’s”. Lucky for us we found a ‘Dora Loves Boots’ book, so got that today, but the map was no good – so we made our own. So you’ve got the station with a Peppa Pig train outside it, the pond with the ducks in it, and finally on the top right H’s nursery with various Peppa Pig toys scattered around it. 
This was another H creation, I helped with the cutting out of the station, pond and nursery, but otherwise everything else is her – even the windows on nursery and the station! Aaaaahhhh!

Next time I do anything creative, she’s going to be wearing a different cardy. She’s got it on for almost every photo at the moment… but we love it.