H and I are both a little bit excited. Next Wednesday we’re going to Westfield to attend a Teddy Bears Picnic with Fudgy Bear.

I’m not sure how we stumbled upon Fudgy Bear, but we did and I’m pleased we did. We have counting sheets and pictures, and of course a couple of Fudgy books – and while we didn’t get to meet the big big Fudgy at The Baby Show, H did get to meet lots of regular sized ones (I was a mean mummy and didn’t buy… next Wednesday it’s payday though…) and we’re really looking forward to next week.

Fudgy Bear is great – and a really good idea too – perfect for a preschooler, plus there’s loads to download from the website and print out, to help your little one learn. I like that everything is real on each page – it’s not cartoony (not that there’s anything wrong with that either), it’s all real objects and photos of Fudgy, plus it’s fun to read.

We’ll be reporting back later on Wednesday, anyway – H in her usual toddler fashion asked “can we see Fudgy now?” and when told that wouldn’t be possible, replied with “does that mean Fudgy is the shopkeeper?” – bless!