This morning we got to Carshalton Station around 8.50, just in time to miss the last train to Sutton (for that easy step-free route), but in time to buy an off peak travelcard so we could go and get the 9.32 train to Clapham Junction, to then head onwards to Shepherds Bush to that massive huge great shopping emporium Westfield, where Fudgy Bear was having a Teddy Bears picnic.

It’s funny, if you were to rewind nearly 30 (gulp) years, you’d come across me in my early teens, a regular CB Radio user. I’d often meet up with people – or rather, eyeball as we’d say back then. That was how it was, you just did it – met up and made friends. It kind of set the tone for the rest of my life really – I met Shaun because Throwing Muses reformed and played a gig in San Francisco, and I knew him from their community throwingmusic.com, we met, we got married a bit later, H arrived a bit after that… but all through my life a lot of my greatest friends are ones I’ve met online or in other (probably seen as) geeky ways. So here I am now, meeting other mummy bloggers. Almost 30 years ago it was “what’s your handle?” and these days it’s “so which blog are you?”. Some things never change!

So we didn’t know anyone, although a couple of mummies looked familiar which was nice. We all milled around, a table was set out with some paper and crayons so the little ones could colour in Fudgy which went down well – until the balloons were spotted! H grabbed one and promptly had that lovely static fuzzy punkhair she gets (I did too) which amused me – then the very big lifesize Fudgy arrived! Cue lots of toddlers all looking in awe while the older ones got really excited – it was too cute. H didn’t say anything, but kept edging forward wanting to get involved a bit more – I suspect she was one of the younger ones there.

There were plenty of photo opportunities, and Sarah who wrote the books read a couple of them for the kids – then it was time for the picnic and cuddles with Fudgy. H had her turn… and wouldn’t let go (this was after me asking her if she wanted a cuddle, and her going tearing off to get one, out of my sight – I went running off to find her, and she wasn’t there! Fortunately Hannah from Mummy and the Beastie was on hand to tell me where she was – thanks Hannah!). She really wouldn’t – she kept going back for more, and more, and more.. then there was a big photo at the end, although a few kids had got cranky by then, leaving a handful around Fudgy, and of course H hanging onto him for dear life (which I found almost as funny as the boy who squeaked his nose and stuck his fingers in his eyes…)

Then it was over… and Fudgy went. H enquired where Fudgy was, I told her he’d gone for his tea, and she then let me know Fudgy was in fact at home and watching Peppa Pig. Phew, that’s a relief…

I met some lovely mummy bloggers anyway, and had a really lovely time. I’ll do a proper writeup for Mum Friendly too – we bought H her own Fudgy. Well, I say ‘we’ I mean me, but mainly because she just would not let him go. At all.

She’s now telling Shaun all about her new friend Fudgy. It’s quite sweet to hear – how she’s doing all these imaginary things with him when they play.. I love the toddler imagination!

(I’ll add photos later, right now I am going to sleep….)