I had my second chiropractor appointment this morning, which started with the kind of lesson about my back that would have been really interesting in biology lessons (this is why I did so badly at biology – it didn’t make any sense) – as well as accompanying x-rays of my back. I do have a worn disc, and there are exercises and ways to make it bearable. I also (and this was quite fascinating) have a longer sacrum than is usual – I think they’re usually made of five bits of bone, but mine is six. It’s not hugely rare but it’s also not that common. So I had a tens machine on my back before a painful pressured massage and some moving of my legs to get things moving. So far, no pain afterwards which is good – and in fact my lower half of my body felt what would be classed as ‘lightheaded’ were it my head.

A quick lunch and we headed over the road to our local school fair where I bumped into a few people I knew and recognised – and there were a lot of mums who are hoping their kids go there next year – so I think whatever happens I’ll know some of the other mums there. We bought all kinds of things and headed on to the ponds for the Carshalton Frost Fair. We were promised a Farmers Market, and it kind of was, though lots of cakes and not much vegetable-wise. There was a yummy vegetarian stall – but I forgot their name. They were good anyway – and loads of random stalls.

We headed on to the Ecology Centre where they were also having their Christmas Fair, stopping for a coffee and catching up with more friends. It was there we found out about the Winter Wonderland trail which was perfect fun for two three year olds, and a nice wander around their grounds too. The trail ended with a trip to one of Santa’s ‘Elves’ with a big sack of presents – needless to say it was very popular and went down really well!

We headed back to the Frost Fair which by now was packed. The memorial gardens had some bands playing, where we caught a band called The Dirty Spoons – H started dancing, then joined J and the two of them jumped around on the steps and really enjoyed themselves (much to us parents’ amusement)

Adam recognised one of the songs they did as The Wiggles also did a version.

After that it was too packed to do much else so we headed for comfort at The Sun, which was also packed. Fortunately it was open outside so we went out there, and it was heated, fortunately. We bumped into more friends and got given the evils by another family as we had the heated seats (well, sorry – there was at least eight of us potentially and yes, we’ve got kids too even if they happen to be playing in the sandpit in the pub at that point). Anyway, we drank our beers, chatted and eventually it was time to go home.

It’s been a good weekend so far. Tomorrow, the tree.