Today we brought seven boxes down from the loft. Only two went back up, as well as several newly sorted boxes. I accumulate everything, I’m a terrible hoarder. I know this so I live with this. This also means the things I find are a treasure trove of their own.

Not pictured – the Japanese things I’ve been sent by Hiroko over the years – stickers, postcards, chopstick holders and chopsticks.

– the collection of shells from a beach in Western Australia. Those now live in my old Emily Strange chest, shells in a chest feels like the right place for them to be – although I think some decorating of the chest may be in order first. There are quite a few, all white and flat – perfect for adding to the collection.

However, I suitably annoyed my Instagram feed with pictures of all kinds of things. From left to right :

A That Petrol Emotion Surfglobe for the Chemicrazy album. Speaking Terri and Steve Irwin dolls, a 1982 Jackie Annual – page open on a fashion spread, a pinecone I picked from the site in Pahrump we stayed in on the day we went to Las Vegas, my old school tie, promotional Tarnation Tequila for the Mirador album in 1997, a 1960’s road atlas I stole from my parents (they were going to throw it away) – my dad drew in the A64 around York and probably used that atlas for years too. I love looking at it. A Bento Box of sorts, another Hiroko present so properly Japanese. I don’t remember when I got it. My Famous Five postcards showing George and Anne, a collection of Grange Hill paperbacks.from the loftI had SUCH FUN finding these. We also found our Wedding album and showed H the pictures.

It’s especially important to me as tomorrow is seven years since my dad died. The single most important thing to me is that she can identify the grandad she’ll never meet. Tomorrow if I don’t feel too emotional maybe we’ll try the Wedding video. Maybe we should have done it today. I don’t know. I’ve not heard him speak, been able to hear him speak since he died, though I know his voice and won’t forget it.

All I know is today I had some family time, some quality family time and tomorrow I will do more of the same. There’ll be flowers where we scattered his ashes. That’s all.

Marston Moor