2. The surreal moment

An anaesathist was on the phone, post-op, so we figured it was also fine to use ours. I took a photo of H, and sent it to my mum and sister, Shaun’s sister, and his mum and dad. A few minutes later, his phone went – it was his sister. “Hello Auntie Melissa!” I said, and she was extremely surprised to hear me on the other end of the line. (Shaun had baby on his knee still) I had to cut the call short, however, due to still being stitched up. Now that is surreal.

4. the baby sick one

How does she know to be sick where it’s least convenient? See also nice clothes that you’ve just put on, that sort of thing

10 – on my jeans

I’ve learned not to care

14 – Post Office

I did it! I left the house! Hurrah! We stopped at Roast & Ground for a coffee (decaf for me) on the way back, too.