The little lady is four now. Everything went smoothly, the party went well and everything was good. She had a brilliant day at nursery, I picked her up early and we had a nice evening meal locally. All is good.

The party was good, two children couldn’t make it and I ended up having paid for four meals and them not being used (not sure how I managed that, but that’s twelve pounds there). One major irritation, the venue laid out the tables with the lunch boxes on them with the sandwiches already inside. Given there were different choices there was a frantic picking them out of the boxes and making sure the children got the one they wanted.

Alas, one child ate half a jam sandwich they weren’t meant to have, so one child didn’t get her jam sandwich. Why didn’t the venue put the sandwiches on a plate for me to dish out with my list? Arghhhh, last year was so much easier. There’s nothing like a confused child having their food taken away.

Anyway, that was the only problem. Everything was lovely. H found the party brilliant and copes perfectly with having Happy Birthday sung to her, revelling in the moment.

So the long weekend is here, we’ve had mornings of H waking and coming in with us. She did this today, fell asleep her cute little snores between us, and at around 8.20 we were told in a slightly urgent voice “mummy I’ve done a wee” – in our bed. Aarrrghhhh. Fortunately we still have the Rug Doctor we’re reviewing, but annoyingly it does no good and we did precisely the wrong thing when this happens. Fortunately we’re testing some Huggies Bed Mats and there’ll be one of those in our bed for those occasional accidents that will probably happen never again, she just loves coming in for a cuddle in the morning.

So all getting wee out of memory foam mattress advice would be most welcome, ta. Sob.