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I went to the doctors. It’s a very bad eczema attack, and I’ve been prescribed steroid cream to fix it.

The doctor (I got a good one) looked at me and asked about the white spots under my eyes – I’ve had them years and never known what they are. “Do you have high cholesterol” she enquired. Gulp.

Seems they’re cholesterol spots. Be thankful my dark eyes aren’t looking at you right now.

see those eyes

I’m to go back after the holiday season (October time) to be referred to hospital for a blood test to check my levels. The last time they were tested they came in at 5.9 which is apparently okay. I’m relieved I know what they are now – I’ve had them for so long and never seen them on anyone else.

So of course I’ve read up on them. They’re passed through the family – now while I’m fairly certain my mum and dad don’t/didn’t have problems with cholesterol, I do know heart attacks run on my dad’s side of the family – and now I’m wondering whether this could be cholesterol related.

A quick google image search? Yep, that’s exactly what I’ve got. I’ve had them years, a good 7 or 8 years, so right now I’m not too worried and I know my diet isn’t bad (fresh fruit and veg every day, we make our own bread, eat gluten-free pasta and basmati rice and so on). Why couldn’t I ever find them before?

I guess when I go back in October to be referred I should also be tested for diabetes. Ever feel like you’re slowly breaking down with no MOT station in sight?

I got my Steroid Cream, applied it to all rashes and I’m lying here counting down waiting for the itching to stop. Stupid eczema. I’ll be happy if I can wear dresses this summer rather than feeling like I’ve got ugly legs though.