and no accidents! Although they’re taking the kids to the toilet a lot, as there’s a few of them doing toilet training – so knowing that, I’d have been surprised if she had.

Everyone was praising her, and she was so happy to get it, which in turn relaxed me. I mean, heck, I even phoned nursery in the middle of the day to see how she was getting on (and full credit to nursery, they knew exactly how it was going, and didn’t have to ask anyone – I’m impressed with that).

So all in all, a very very good day, and one less thing to worry about.

In fact, the only thing which bugs me right now is my Lakeland heated airer and it’s replacement (not due for another week and a half) – it’s no fun living in a house without radiators when your little one has leaky nappies at night… I’m almost keeping on top of it…