I think we did the sensible thing this year. H seems to want to know what every single noise is at the moment, and with all the fireworks these last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of questions asked.

Carshalton Fireworks is extremely popular to go to, but I didn’t fancy doing it, walking there and back with the crowds – it just didn’t appeal, it’s too cold… so instead (and I thought nobody else would) we drove to Epsom Downs to the largest parking area, where we stood and watched a bazillion displays from all over London. You get great views from there, up to the Wembley arch to central London – granted the fireworks didn’t go that far. Plenty of others were doing the same too, a steady stream of people stopping to take in all the displays.

I had ear defenders ready too, in case there was anything really close, but they weren’t needed – though H didn’t want to take them off. Anyway, the result? H is no longer scared of fireworks and instead squeals “wowwwwww!” every time she sees them going off. I can live with that.