Yesterday afternoon we headed to one of our NCT lot for a pre-Bonfire night do. It’s funny how you get out of the loop quickly with what’s going on with everyone, and sometimes never quite catch up. This is what happens once school and work comes into it – it’s not the same as it used to be, it’s now about quick chats before the subject changes, never to be revisited as there’s too much to talk about.

We all headed by foot to the local park which has a huge fireworks display and enormous bonfire, and accompanied by various songs we had the display followed by the fire (with the obligatory ‘Firestarter’ when the guy was about to burn).

fireworks 2013

I tried explaining the story of Bonfire Night in simple terms to H – I think I’ve kept it simple anyway.

There was a man from York, he wanted to blow up the government in the nice building next to Big Ben. Someone caught him in time and he didn’t blow them up. Now we put a man on a bonfire every year who isn’t real and name it after him, and burn him. We also have fireworks. It is a celebration.

Yeah, there isn’t really any possible way that story could sound good.

H fireworks 2013


Afterwards our local pub extended their license so children could be there until 9pm which was a really nice touch. H was tired after all the walking (and sitting on daddy’s shoulders) so we stopped for a quick drink where she insisted on taking photos with my camera. What’s the betting that I will soon be passing it on to her… ¬†She said “this is a nice one of you mummy!” and I think I agree.

mummy fireworks