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There are two ways you can watch films. At the cinema or at home. I am now going to explain why I prefer the former.

We did both today, saw the latest Tinkerbell film at Sutton, where it was cheap Saturday. Well, I say cheap, then they almost doubled the price with booking fees, making a grand total of £5-ish. Tsk to fees, I say.

When you go to the cinema it is loud, you can’t hear each other quite as well as if you were on the settee, the screen is big and there’s plenty to see. Perfect for a four year old. She was engrossed. We had silence all the way through and no questions about anything at all. Everything that happened was accepted willingly because she watched the film to its conclusion.

We decided on a lazy day today, so Annie was the film of choice later this afternoon. This is the 1980’s Aileen Quinn one, not the remake as nobody liked this one (I did!). So it starts up.

“why is the little girl singing?”
“why is she sitting on the window ledge?”
“why is the other girl being mean?”
“why did she stand on the lady’s toe if she told her she loved her?”

All swiftly answered as best I could.

“What is an orphan?”
“Do they all not have mummies and daddies then?”

Uh-ohhhh.. need to answer these carefully.

“So if you and daddy die, I’ll be an orphan!”


They go to the movies.

“Why is the lady dead? Why is the lady crying? Why is Annie asleep?”
I am able to answer this well. The lady crying is like mummy sometimes. Annie asleep is like daddy at the cinema sometimes. This is met with acceptance and silence.

“Why is the man singing?”

Because it’s HIS song. My patience is wearing thin. Never have I had to analyse something as much as this since the time I read Macbeth at school.

“So do the other little girls have mummies and daddies?”

We move swiftly through the film. Rooster and Lily are up to no good.

“those guys are up to no good at all mummy!” she declares. This is correct and also the first time I’ve heard her refer to anyone as “those guys”.


I start to relax now, nearing the end and she gets what is happening. That is until Miss Hannigan tries to stop Rooster.

“why did Miss Hannigan do that?”

Because she’s kind really.

“do they love her really then like they say?”

(Sobs inside)

H holds her breath as Annie hangs off the bridge. She really does.

“so is this the same man who threw a cannonball?” she asks

Cannonball?! Shaun remembers the man who tries to blow up Daddy Warbucks at the start, and Punjab throws it out of the window. I’d forgotten that part.

Annie is hanging on for dear life now. This may be the most suspense she’s ever had to deal with. Fortunately Punjab is quick and things are back on track.

Cue ‘Tomorrow’ and the ending, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Why is Miss Hannigan on an elephant?”

Fair question.

I think I might stick to the cinema when I want a quiet afternoon… maybe to see the Annie remake at the end of the year.. it looks GREAT!