Okay. First off, I’m one of those people who is probably guilty of talking about it despite not reading it and only reading other people’s reviews.


I now have a copy. I have the trilogy. I am going to form an opinion at some point in the future based on my own thinking. I am fully expecting not to enjoy the book, but it felt a bit weird to have an opinion based on everyone else’s. Or rather, everyone else’s who didn’t like the book.

I’ve four books to get through, so I’m in no hurry right now. It’s there for when the time is right. Who knows when that will be.

So yes, sometime I will form my own opinion and I’ll be less exasperated at myself for having not thought my own thoughts. I may last one paragraph, I might make it to the end. Who knows. Anyway, that’s all.

I wouldn’t want you all to think I’m actually enjoying myself, or anything. Okay?