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“Mummy, I HATE tennis” said H on Friday. So I switched on Wimbledon, found Venus Williams playing a match and we sat and watched it. It was quite the eye opener for H. “so ladies play tennis too?” she asked. At some point not long after this she headed outside with a tennis ball and a swingball bat to practice hitting the ball. After PE on Wednesday she’d decided she hated tennis. After she saw Venus Williams and her opponent make mistakes she suddenly loves the game.

H on keyboard

“Mummy, I HATE watching football” she said. We’ve been picking out the flags of the teams playing in the World Cup, and cheering them on. She doesn’t hate watching football at all, she’s being a contrary Mary as I know she likes watching it. So we pick a team, and she has various reasons why she wants them to win.

USA – because all three letters of their name fit on the ITV/BBC display. Mexico – because they have an X in their name. England – because she’s English. Australia, because she’s Australian and so on.

It does seem like all the teams she chooses to support lose. She’s like the opposite of Paul the Psychic Octopus.

“Mummy, I don’t like music” she tells me which is of course true as she has been singing ‘Agadoo’ for most of the day. But Glastonbury has been on tv, and new music on her horizons include Lily Allen, Jungle, De La Soul (HOW sweary?!) and Elbow. Today was Dolly Parton. After Eurovision I think she gets that people play music on stage for lots of other people to watch. She doesn’t ‘not like music’ of course. She got out her ELC keyboard and jammed along “Mummy! It’s my turn on stage!” and we got her acoustic guitar out so she strummed along to Rodrigo y Gabriela like she was born to play music. We got home this afternoon and it was a choice of football or music. Seriously, this is the BEST time ever when you’re young to see three things colliding which are all interesting, and plenty of choice, inspiring people and more.

H on guitar

Then she says “can I watch some Disney Junior now please? I miss it”

Looks like I’ve still some work to do….