She’s got a fever. The more I read, the more it seems like it’s normal. Oh it’s so scary though. She’s hit 40 degrees, though it’s going down after some Calpol.

I think we’re in for a very long night. Last night was pretty tough – she woke up nine times before 1am, when a second dose of nurofen knocked her out enough we got sleep until 6am.

Shaun’s finished work for the year, so the plus side is both of us can do this in shifts and it doesn’t affect things, other than I had to cancel a night out in the pub, and we’ve cancelled a party tomorrow.

H though – she’s really hot, but so cheeky with it. Full of beans, you would only realise she’s not well because she’s so flushed. She kept saying “bah!” to us, and I said “oh, doesn’t work” and shrugged using my hands. The little monkey copied my hand gesture, and giggled.

So yes, a long night. But I figure as long as she’s doing stuff like this, she’s not ill or feeling unwell, she’s just got a low-grade fever. It’s only when she wakes up distressed we know things aren’t so well.

Poor thing. It is scary though.

(eta – I did take her to the docs earlier today, who said there’s no ear infection – and it sounds like it’s the same thing her friend Joseph has, who she’s also at nursery with, who’s off sick at the moment)