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I had the fear this morning. H was due her first ever haircut, something I’ve done since birth. She has plenty of hair, so much that it adds a couple of years onto her age-wise.


I have a memory, a memory of my younger sister having her first ever haircut, and her sitting in the high chair screaming – so despite knowing H is a good, patient little girl, there’s an overwhelming fear that she could have the same reaction as my sister.


We were back home by 11.30, a lovely new haircut in place, and a review to come on Mum Friendly, but let’s just say I know loads about hair, I haven’t done such a bad job in the past and H now looks even lovelier than before. I’m well proud of my little girl and so pleased with the cut. Oh, and I bought her a pretty new dress too… a girl can never have too many parties to wear a pretty dress. Especially when her mummy buys it in an age 4-5…

My other fear is this : on the 1st September 2012 you can apply for the school of your choice via Sutton Council. That Is On Saturday. Eek.