H doesn’t like swimming any more. There are several reasons why.

“my goggles weren’t on” (so put them on then?!)
“I only have one friend in this class” (but that’s okay!!)
“I’m very tired” (that is a good reason to keep going)

to name three. She also uses some of these when she doesn’t want to go to nursery.

“I’m bored of nursery” (yeah, come to my work and you’ll know what boring is, I spend the entire day looking at spreadsheets and YouTube and you’d be bored out of your brain my little girl. Makes note to self to get her a portable DVD player for the new year)
“I want to stay at nursery forever!” (I want some money, tough.) (although school uniforms are quite pricey)

There’s also the not wanting to do anything
“because it’s SO boring” (‘do you know what bored means?’ H “yes” – while refusing to tell me)

“I don’t want my hair washing because it’s stupid”


Tonight we had a chat about school dinners and breakfast club. H is scared. She has a fear. She doesn’t want the change, but she does. We’re lucky in that two friends will be there when she starts school with another starting the day after – we’re extremely lucky we know so many people. They’ll all be in the same boat and it’ll get easier. I’m expecting tears and upset and fears and everything just from me.

“Mummy, will I ever see you again when I go to the breakfast club?” she asked. I tried not to sob, tears in my eyes. What does she think school involves? Does she think we’ll never see each other again? The worry in her voice, her face at this big change ahead. It’s going to be fine, and don’t worry little one. One month to go.