Last week H fell over pretty much every day of the week. Sometimes it was just a bump or a little scratch to add to her collection, other days it was far more extreme.

On Thursday it was my birthday, we were going to sit and have Afternoon Tea for a couple of hours with no H to distract us, to talk about everything we need to as far as moving, Australia, life goes. Except we were a minute from our dining establishment and got a call from school – H had fallen over and had a golf ball sized lump on her head.

Dizziness followed, as well as a trip to A&E. She got the all-clear there which is good.

The following day she had fallen over again, scratching her leg in the process.

Today we got the dreaded Call Of Dooom again, she had dizziness this time. I swear, I’m on first name terms with school, yet she still has her 100% attendance record as these things keep happening right at the end of the day. Fortunately today I think she was just a bit dehydrated, which was easily fixed.

I’m hoping the rest of the week passes by uneventfully…. Oh, and we did get to Afternoon Tea as well – but on Saturday with H. It was wonderful and she was so incredibly well behaved – even if she hasn’t got the hang of not stuffing sandwiches into her mouth all at once!

h bump

We found out a few days later what had caused the big fall which resulted in the A&E trip. She’d been picking up her friend – the girls all like to do that, pick each other up – it seems she’d lost her footing, fallen over and her head made contact with one of the legs on a bench at school. These things happen – I mean, I’m sure we all did piggyback rides when I was her age – so here’s hoping there’ll be no more calls now before half term! It was a big bump though – and incredibly not that big a bruise – brave girl!