Yesterday we were back at the eye hospital for H’s three monthly check up. She loves it there and is really good – sits and listens to the ophthalmologist – and yesterday we were moved up to the next test, identifying letters (rather than pictures and Peppa Pig characters). For younger children they use pictures as they’ll identify them easier than letters which makes sense; H has been identifying letters and numbers for well over a year now so this was something she did with no trouble.

I’ve found with pictures she’ll often get the clock and the apple mixed up – and even I struggle (and I’m long-sighted) or has a larger area to identify, such as identifying what colour dress Peppa is wearing. Switching to letters means she identifies them on a card first, then the lit up box at the end of the room as well as smaller versions on a stick, just like us grown-ups.

The good thing about letters vs pictures is she’ll be identifying a smaller area, giving a more accurate reading.

The test showed that she’s improved too, which is great. She’ll still have to wear glasses until she’s seven as eyes develop until then – but eye patches aren’t coming back into our lives (and I was convinced they would be), which is fantastic news.