H needs glasses. We had our appointment (which took over two hours) at Sutton Hospital on Friday before we set off for our holiday. She was so good – the first doctor who tested her sight actually did slightly more difficult tests as H’s concentration was so good – and she said she did really well too.

They could see a problem with the eye I was concerned about which was a relief. After her final tests (after eyedrops which again she was amazingly good at having administered, why can’t she do that with us?!) when the Doctor looked into the back of her eye, we were told that generally children are born long sighted and it sorts itself out in time – one eye has, but the other hasn’t. It’s not major and only subtle – and it looks like we got there early which is good. She can see through both eyes, but one is doing more work than the other.

So it’s glasses. After the appointment we walked to the Opticians at Sutton Hospital and tried a few pairs of frames… and after the initial fear of how it would be, I could have cried. She’ll really suit glasses and she’s really looking forward to wearing them. She doesn’t have to wear them all the time, just gradually to get used to them.

We’ve a follow up appointment in September, so this afternoon we’re heading out to order her glasses in. She’s SO excited!