I’ve noticed (especially as her referral appointment is imminent) that H’s wonky eye seems to be a bit less wonky. I’m hoping it was just something temporary and it’s sorted itself out, but you just don’t know.

It’s over six weeks now since our appointment, and we’ve chased it up once. I watch her a lot now, we sit opposite each other when we eat – although on chatting with my friend Rachel whose boy is profoundly deaf, they were advised to get a circular table which makes a lot of sense as you all face each other and can see each other – something you don’t automatically think about – and it’s something that makes perfect sense.

I hope her eyes are better. I hope it was just a passing thing. Even photos look less cross-eyed these days.

In other news, I’m doing Race For Life this year with Heather and Jule. As decided at around 4pm this afternoon. I’m usually a lot more organised than this… I have also lost at least a stone since the main photo was taken.