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H was meant to have had her annual check-up yesterday to update her glasses prescription, an appointment we’d made six months ago. Alas, a week beforehand the hospital cancelled it for reasons I can’t remember.

Fortunately they were able to fit us in with a shorter check up at short notice, but annoyingly it was in the middle of the day. H did the test – with letters now she’s a proper reader. She has done them before, but was only able to identify the letters using phonics. Now school is switching to using the correct names for the letters (as she moves into Y1) and she managed brilliantly.

She’s been switched to the words test now too – which in turn has moved her eye tests to the Opticians rather than to the three-hour long ones which she used to have with a Consultatn. It’s one of those little things I hadn’t realised – now she can read, her eye tests will be far more accurate.

How weird. How good!

The other bonus is having an eye test with the Optician means we don’t have to book six months in advance – we got an appointment for early next week. She may still need eye drops but chances are she won’t. This makes everything so much easier, eye tests can fit around school and that’s a great thing.

She’s also controlling the squint in her eye quite well which is interesting – it’ll be good to find out how her eyes are doing on Monday too and what change her prescription will be. We know she won’t need eye patches again which is always my biggest concern, but I do know she needs new glasses.

But still! Reading and changing eye tests – how brilliant?