H had her follow-up appointment at hospital today and we had brilliant news. The patching has gone so well that rather than 5-6 days a week of her wearing it, we now only need to do two days a week.


If she progresses like she’s doing now, then she won’t need to wear an eyepatch at all from our next appointment in mid-January.

I’m so proud of her – she’s truly been amazing when she’s needed to wear an eyepatch (often asking rather than being told) – and hardly ever wants to take it off. She isn’t bothered by having to wear it at nursery and just answers anyone who asks if they wonder why she’s got it. She identified so many of the pictures today when asked (though still did loads of “errrr… errrr…. errrr…. ” when she couldn’t see which sounds so cute when she does) but yet again got stuck on the apple picture when it was quite far away (and I had to squint a bit myself).

Sadly it will bring to an end our attempts at making pretty pictures from her old sparkly eyepatches; like this butterfly.

Eyepatch Butterfly, Ortopad