It has become tradition that my friend Vic in San Francisco has to send a copy of the book ‘Everyone Poops‘ over to any of her old UK friends who have kids. I’ve been looking forward to this day a lot – and this morning a package arrived with a copy inside – hurrah! (and also lots of Yo Gabba Gabba goodness which I’ll try and review tomorrow, at last we’ll hear it how it’s meant to be heard!)

Everyone Poops is a great book – and basically, what the book says is what it is – you see creatures, people, anyone, anything – everyone poops.

To be honest, the British version I’ve just found out exists just doesn’t feel the same (despite being so) – Everybody Poos. But it is, and it’s great. If you’re at the potty training stage and you’re wanting your little one to talk more about poo and wee and going to the toilet, then I’d highly recommend this book – it lets them know it’s normal!