Another night of coughing, just phlegmy horrible coughing, enough to keep me awake until 4am when I admitted defeat. Glugging what I could from the cupboards to knock me out for just two and a half more hours sleep so I could get some rest, even though today is the last day.

It really is the last day. Last day of work – though I used two days holiday up so I’ve had the last two days off – not that I’ve rested, mind. Last day of school. H has made it through the whole term without a day off sick and should be rewarded for this. Shaun still has some normal days to use before his last day but we’re getting there.

At 6.30  Shaun woke H up to see if she wanted to lie with me and cuddle for an hour – she did, so we did, getting up at 7.30. What a difference a later wake up does. She seemed less tired, she did school work before school and we got loads of little things done before we had to leave for drop off. What I’d give to have one morning a week I could do that, every week. The clubs and activities have all finished until the new year, we can all rest. Our bank account, possibly not. That never rests.

By 9am I was in the gym, my new regime for 2015 getting into place – cycling machines, running (walking) machines, cross trainers, back weights. I’m ready to tackle my problems in other ways, plus I can go to the gym with a cough.

By 1.30 I’ll be at school, the last time this year. By 2pm I fully intend to be in my pyjamas watching a selection of films with H and just resting, another year done. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my little girl. Two whole weeks.

We’re all ready for a rest now. Oh, and a panto or two in between, of course. I have stollen, I have far too much chocolate (which might also include some of H’s easter eggs which were tucked away in the back of the cupboard – oops), I have snacks, and most of all we have time. That’s something I’ll never get enough of.