That’s it. The first term in reception nearly done. The first Christmas play done (three days in a row, they were all amazing – H was a present). The first Christmas fair over. Finally feeling like we have some idea what’s going on too, as you kind of hit the ground running and just run faster to keep up while being buried in paperwork, letters, homework and more.

Today at 1.30 H officially finishes for the year. She’s done amazingly well – we’ve been working on her sounding out words in her head (or out loud if she really can’t do it) and I’m hearing whole sentences being read out now which makes me so proud – she’s getting really quick. Her writing is coming on well although she tends to get bored. Then again one evening she sat with Shaun and got her Home Learning Pack, wrote a sentence (complete with finger spaces) because she wanted to. We need to work on expression within her reading now (we’ve been saying words with and without exclamation marks for a while now) to get her to the next level.

Easily the most soul-destroying part of the year had to be writing Christmas Cards. Oh boy, that was dull. We did it all in one afternoon – imagine the child saying “Are we there yet?” when on a journey in the car, and now put that onto a spreadsheet which never seemed to end.  “Have we finished yet?” she’d say, but still insist on drawing a picture and putting a sticker in each card for all her friends. Fortunately she only wanted to write half of the names in there as we’d probably still be doing them now. The posting them in the letterbox at school made it all worthwhile.

Things are going to change in the new year. On Tuesday and Thursday every week I’ll work a bit later and H will go to a local childminder, but on the other days I’ll finish early which means she can do playdates here or go to her friends houses after school. Just the other day two friends came back while we finalised the Christmas cards for the teachers and decided what to get them – the three girls disappeared upstairs playing while we did the important stuff downstairs and it was really nice to see.

I guess all the things I got worked up about at nursery haven’t happened at school. It’s so different. This time things are much more social – I’ve joined the PTA and am getting to know other parents. We’ve all got one thing in common – our kids are at school together, and we’re raising money to benefit them.

Any anxieties I had about H being the youngest in the year are gone. She’s fitted in well and is doing well, she’s a bright little girl who wants to learn. She might be getting a bit cheeky with me these days but overall she’s doing me proud.