Year 1 finishes for H tomorrow, and it has been a funny old year. One I wasn’t going to blog about, but then this is about everything, and I think it should be. Plus it’s only a problem if you make it a problem, right?

The Reception year was great. Year 1, academically was great too – the children all had a big switch with the Government wanting them at Year 2 standard before they’d even started, so a few of us were worried how they’d get on. We didn’t need to be, as I’m more than happy with H’s learning and how she’s progressing, getting a few ‘exceeding’ on her reports, which is all I ever want. In your face everyone who immediately assumes a summer baby can’t keep up. (nobody ever mentions the September babies who can’t keep up, I think they get a raw deal)

Right now I have a little girl who knows who her friends are, and has fall-outs from time to time (usually resolved within the same lunch break, the classic “you’re not my friend any more” type of lines), seems to mention friends I’ve never heard of, and had a smile most of the time. She lost more teeth, grew a couple more, grew several inches taller too.

Then there’s us parents. We started well at the start of term, though by the end of term I overheard some parents talking about me. One parent confirmed this to my face. The whole thing is silly, and it’s due to this, which I wrote on Facebook:

“I’m going to start the ball rolling with this meal out we’ve all been talking about on and off for the last goodness knows how long. What days are good for anyone? I generally have zero social life, but loads going on, if that makes any sense? Fridays are good for me! Feel free to add anyone as I’m having a complete memory fail this morning!”

Which obviously seems to have got some people’s backs up. Which is sad, as it’s there in black and white “feel free to add anyone” – I don’t care who goes, I’m no organiser, I was just fed up that we’d all talked about it and nothing had been done. It kind of cast a cloud over the very end of the year for me. I’d rather just hide in the background. (and ask questions on Facebook when I’m left baffled by school)

We did have our night out, anyway. It was lots of fun, lots of laughs and we want to do more and shall.

Dramas don’t transfer onto our children, thank goodness. They’re all still friends and in happy places, though starting to learn about the darker side of life. When I bought a copy of the kids’ newspaper First News for H, she let it be known she knew about the 10 year anniversary of the London bombings, and knew bits of what it was about – they watch Newsround in their class, but I wasn’t prepared for that (I don’t mind that she knows).

On a more superficial level, she is showing a lot more interest in the Harry Potter films. We’ve watched the first one together, and bits of the ones on tv, including the first hour of Deathly Hallows Part 2 which didn’t have any scary bits in it for her (relief!). We had a good talk about the story and I answered questions – I suspect we’ll get through the first book which we’d kind of stalled on a bit of late. I’m trying to encourage her to talk about things which are bothering her which seems to work at the moment.

So what do the summer holidays bring? A bit of stress about Year 2, some Home Learning for over the holidays (make a Knight’s costume), work and holiday clubs for the forseeable future, a holiday (hurrah), then back to school.

Which makes me realise this is it now for the next ten years. We’re two years in, one sixth of the way through her time in education. She’s doing fine. We’re all doing fine. Her two most hated subjects are Literacy and Maths – yet those are her strongest subjects. She loves history (like both her grandads), so we’ll be making the most of going to some English Heritage places as we get this with Shaun’s CSSC membership at work now. She wants to learn languages now which is good (french and german), and is enjoying her football and swimming lessons outside of school.

So yeah, we’re doing fine. We just don’t have the time.